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Our mission


ume (‘you-me’) has been designed to respond to the asset
management industry demands for an effective automated due
diligence of fund distributors

An Award Winning innovative solution to transform the asset management industry



Key facts and figures

  • The time dedicated by management companies and global distributors on due diligence is on average around 10 hours  per fund distributor per year. This process includes sending questionnaires, collecting the answers, analysing the results, having follow-up discussions and building reports. ume is reducing this time by 90% by automating all of these tasks.


  • As a result, management companies only dedicate resources on the most critical distributors (risk-based approach). ume enables to have a complete and transparent view of fund distributors’ network for the same efforts.


  • Distributors find it painful to respond to multiple due diligence questionnaires attempting to capture similar risks. As a consequence, it takes between 3 to 9 months for management companies / global distributors  to receive answers.  ume proposes one standardised questionnaire.

  • On average, there are 6 layers between management companies and the end investors, which makes it difficult to have a transparent view of distribution networks. ume facilitates this process and can give a complete view of the network hierarchy.


  • It is difficult and time consuming to identify and select the most appropriate fund distributor. ume is providing the contact information, risk scoring as well as the supporting documents to facilitate this process. ume is a Trip Advisor of fund distributors.

Find opportunity

Access to a community of fund distributors

ume provides a robust and agile framework for identifying, benchmarking and selecting fund distributors

Accelerate business leads

Connect to fund distributors network

ume enables you to get in touch with the right people to exchange documentation and information

Mitigate risks

Optimise your due diligence process

ume delivers a Standard Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQ) to streamline your due diligence workflow and analysis

Leverage on powerful data analytics

Score fund distributors

ume automatically maps and scores each distributor based on your individual preferences and risk appetite

Smarter, faster, better



Due diligence workflow


With an increased coverage of your distributors,
ume enables you to save up to 90% time on your current due diligence process


Extensive and recognised industry experience




Laurent Denayer



Laurent has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Laurent started his career in 1995 as fund manager, then risk manager at Fortis in Belgium, Netherlands and Japan. He then moved in 2001 to Luxembourg at EY, where he became partner (2008). He led the services related to risk and regulatory advisory (FS Risk leader). Laurent was responsible at EMEIA level for services related to risk and strategy on UCITS IV.

Laurent became the EY Global Fund Distribution Leader and coordinate the efforts of EY globally on fund distribution services. He set up an innovative web services on market and regulatory intelligence on 30 jurisdictions as well as a business intelligence / data analytics on fund flows and AuM covering more than 80 countries (EY GFD). Laurent is the co-Chairman of the ALFI Digital Distribution working group and has been active in the fund distribution working group at EFAMA.

Oleksiy Shostak



Oleksiy is an experienced software developer and architect with more than 20 years of experience in wide range of technologies and industries.

His analytical skills let him quickly get a grip on the key points of any new business he faces, while technical knowledge and experience helps him in finding the right technological answer to the business challenges.

Started his working career back in 1995, he has passed since then through numerous positions in many European countries: a technological startup in Ukraine, a Spanish electricity supplier and insurance company, Luxembourgish content service company, public sector and European institution, among many others.

Rolf Bachner


Rolf is the Chief Operating Officer at ume.

Rolf joined from BNY Mellon where he was global head of digital product management for the bank’s asset servicing division. He led the design, prioritisation and commercialisation of new digital services, including big data analytics solutions, APIs, and UI based services. Rolf worked closely with leading investment managers to support their digitisation and with FinTechs to integrate their innovations into the bank’s product offering.

Prior to his digitisation role, Rolf was the product sponsor and architect for BNY Mellon’s European fund and fund manager regulation implementation programs, including UCITS IV & V , and AIFMD.

Prior to BNY Mellon, Rolf worked for Capco, the financial services consulting firm, where he delivered complex securities services projects for a wide range of leading banks and market infrastructure players across Europe. Before that, he held project and operations management positions at Nomura’s asset management and fund services businesses in London and Luxembourg.

Advisory Board

Graham Goodhew

Independent Director


Graham retired in 2016 as a Director and Conducting Officer (CO) of JPMorgan Asset Management in Luxembourg after a career of more than 40 years in financial services. With a background in Internal Audit and Risk Management he moved from London to Luxembourg in 2001 as Head of Risk Management for JPM covering the Luxembourg SICAV and UK OEIC fund ranges and was a director of the Luxembourg Management Company from 2002 until retirement.

In 2005, he became Head of Corporate Governance and the CO responsible for Portfolio Risk Management. He has also served as the CO responsible for Fund Distribution and Investment Management. Active in working groups at CESR/ESMA, EFAMA and ALFI related to UCITS, MiFID, PRIPS, Risk Management and other industry issues he remains active with ALFI and continues to live and work in Luxembourg as an independent director in retirement.


Non-Executive Director


Samuel is a seasoned software architect and an entrepreneur.

In 2006, he joined Viadeo in the early stages of the Paris based professional social network.
He has worked as a consultant for several financial institutions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (BIL, Foyer, RBC …).

Between 2011 and 2015, he designed and led the implementation of DISP, the platform at the heart of is a mobile, satellite based communication platform, created to re-establish communication after a disaster.

In 2016, he co-founded Popwork, a rating and booking platform for flexible office spaces.

Since 2019 he is founding partner and CTO of, a sourcing platform putting the skills at the heart of the recruitment process.

Recognition and Awards

Luxembourg Finance Innovation

Graduated at the Fit4Start Autumn 2017 edition



Fintech Europe 2018


RegTech Top 100 Power List

Winner Temenos Innovation Jam Luxembourg

Finalist in the BBVA Fintech Business Awards 2018

RegTech 100 2019 

RegTech innovation of the year 2018 

Regtech award 2022

Regtech award 2022

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